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Intergrity is a virtue

Intergrity is to be one.Intergrity is to be holy.Intergrity is to be truthful at all times.That is why the Israelites will say the Lord our God is one.
Joseph in the Bible was a man of intergrity.There came a time when his master wife cast her eyes on him.Portphars wife wanted Joseph to sleep with her.Joseph said that his master has kept nothing from him except her and that there is non greater than himself in the house.Joseph said how can I do this wicked thing and sin against God.Joseph knew that no one will know if he gets involve in the act.But he knew that there is a God in heaven who sees.
     David was a man of intergrity.The Bible confessed him as a man of integrity.
       Samuel was a man of integrity.He said at the point of his death, whose horse have I taken,whose ass have I taken,whose sheep have I taken.The children of Israel said "you have wronged no man".
        Job was a man of integrity.God told satan that have you considered my servant job?That is an upright man.You see God testified of him.Can God testify of you that you are an upright man?
       Daniel was a man of integrity.He was thrown into the Lions den for his integrity.That is why he said in the innocency of my heart have I done thee nothing.
        The three Hebrew children were men of intergrity.They were loyal to God.They refused to bow to the idol of Nebuchanezzar.Even when they were thrown into the the fiery furnace they still held on to their intergrity.
          Jesus was a man of intergrity.The Bible says he knew no sin.  
           When you have no job, will you sell your body to get the job if the recruiter demands that.
           Will you bribe a teacher to pass   in school or you will hold on to your 
intergrity to pass honourably.  
             Will you bribe to be awarded a contract on hold to your intergrity to get the contract properly.
           Are you going to bribe to get a job,or you will hold on to your intergrity to get the job properly.
            Are you going to bribe to pass an external exam or hold to your intergrity to pass honorably.
             Are you going to cheat in an exam to pass or you will hold on to your intergrity and write what you know.
The beginning of intergrity is to surrender to Jesus.You can't do it on your own.It is by the grace of God that you can hold on to your intergrity.If you are not born again say the sinners prayer and the Lord will help you.
      Another thing is to be determined in your mind that you won't conpromise.Daniel 1:8.
You also need the holy ghost.Acts 1:8.
And always read your Bible.Joshua 1:8
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